About Glasslock

Pure Materials, Recyclable Containers

 All glass products by Glasslock are made of silica, soda ash, limestone and other natural components, making it eco-friendly and recyclable.

Glasslock products are all BPA free and do not contain any harmful environmental hormones, neither in the glass, lids nor silicone.

Concerned about environmental issues, Glasslock chose an eco-oriented production process

since manufacturing soda-lime glass emits less carbon dioxide and consumes less energy compared to the production of other types of glass.



Excellent Durability

Glasslock delivers the flexibility of using the containers in the fridge, freezer, dishwasher, and depending on the references also in the microwave and in the oven.

Odor-free, stain-proof, it is also easy to clean and the glass will remain shinny for a long time.



Airtight and leak proof

The majority of Glasslock containers are designed to be perfectly airtight and leak proof. No bad smell nor leaks in your refrigerator anymore!

Thanks to the glass container and the airtight sealing, Glasslock storages preserve your food from oxidation and thus, keep your food fresh and crispy a longer time.


Tempered soda-lime glass

Although all Glasslock products are made of soda-lime glass, they are not all tempered. The difference between general soda-lime glass and tempered soda-lime glass

lie in the cooling process during production. The advantage of producing tempered soda-lime glass is that it reinforces the heat, scratch and shock resistance of the glass to

such an extent that the shock resistance is 3 to 5 times higher than other types of glass (from the survey “Heat resistant Food Container Verification Test report” by

the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards, June 2011). That's why it is also called "Safety Tempered Glass".

Wide assortment

Glasslock comes in different sizes, shapes, colors and types to meet your everyday storage needs.

Since the first Glasslock food containers launched in 2005, Glasslock assortment grew considerably thanks to its expertise in glass production

and the constant research and developpment, to become today, the worlds' leading producer of glass food storage containers. 

The large range of Glasslock counts more than 300 different items divided into 30 lines of products. Currently,  about 50 different items are already available in Europe. 

The transparent and clear glass designs make it convenient to identify the contents and will look great in any kitchen!