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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have an Customer Account to buy one of your products? 
An account isn´t mandatory to buy on our shop. But being subscribed to our Newsletter helps us inform you about campaigns and sales.

Is my Glasslock product suitable for oven use?

Please note, that only the oven series is suitable for oven use for temperatures up to 230°C. In case of doubt, feel free to check the bottom of the container. A lettering with "OVEN SAFE" ensures that the container is suitable for the oven. Please also consider, that the lid is never usable for the oven. 

Is it allowed to close the container in the microwave?
No, never close the lid while reheating your food in the microwave. The containers are completely airtight and the expanding pressure through heating may lead to irreversible damage to your container.

What is the best way to store the Glasslock containers?
Ideally the best way is to keep the container open to prevent moisture damaging the silicone seal in the lid.

I haven´t received my order yet according to the estimated date of arrival, what is the issue?

Within Germany, our products should arrive at the third business day. If this period is exceeded, we bid you to send us a short feedback via E-Mail. In most cases, the deliverer couldn´t find the recipient and submitted it at a local service point in your proximity.